“Wake up to find out that you are the Eyes of the World.” ~ grateful dead

Yep – Everyone’s a photographer!   Tractor in the Field 3a - SIGN - WEBSIZE
It’s all about how your eye sees something, and then capturing it.

A native Virginian, enjoying life in Charleston SC; I have been taking photos as a hobby since I was about 12 years old.  Art, memories, and story telling were the three things that drew me to the camera.  In college, while studying theatre, I made the transition to video/tv production and editing – still working through a lens.  My work in desktop publishing grew my skills in photo art.

The work you see here are just a sampling.  I have loads more. Landscapes, nature, music festivals, landmarks, kids, pets, and  things of beauty.

Custom made creatives are also available.
I take photographs, create photo crafts, and I will be open to working on any suggestions or personal photo needs. So, if you are looking for a specific Charleston landmark, building photo, photographs to hang in your office or waiting room – please  contact me.   If you would like portraits of your pets,  craft photos of your children, personal photo shoots, band or festival shoots, picture of your grandfather’s antique tractor – just contact me.  I would love to talk to you about your specific need!

Why? Because…. 

Photographs help you keep a record of moments  in your life.  They allow you to see something you didn’t notice.  They preserve a memory… a moment in time.

Through the art of photography,  a life scene opens up our minds, our emotions, our connections.

A photography brings meaning, emotion, appreciation… to a scene or event will be meaningless to us if there is no light and color which opens up our minds and expresses passion.

Our product is sorta unique!  We feel that our product is something
that will preserve beauty & memories – in kind of a neat way!

“Be still, and know…” ~ Psalm 46:10


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